Arcam replaces DiVA A70 stereo amp with £450 A18

Arcam A80

Key features include a moving magnet phono stage, resonance damped chassis, multi-layer circuit boards, six line-level inputs and a 3.5mm input on the front for connecting portable music players.

A rotary encoder allows precise control over volume and other functions such as tone controls and balance, says Arcam. A large toroid transformer is used in the power supply to ensure low noise levels, and the chassis uses a "Sound Dead Steel" consturction to help eliminate vibration.

There's also a preamp output for adding additional power amplifers or biamping, and two tape outputs for connecting recorders.

The A18 is supplied with a CR10 system remote control and is designed to match the £500 CD17 CD player. It's available in black or silver.