Apple's next iPhone could support 2 pairs of Bluetooth headphones at once

Next iPhone could support 2 pairs of Bluetooth headphones at once

According to Japanese blog Mac Otakara (via Mac Rumors), the new Apple iPhone will boast a feature similar to Samsung Dual Audio. It's a feature which lets users listen to audio played on a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet through two different Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

That way, you and a friend can enjoy the same audio at the same time. Handy if you're both on a train and want to watch (and listen to) an episode of your favourite Netflix series without disturbing those around you.

Of course, you can already connect an iPhone to a number of different Bluetooth devices as standard, but it's only possible to use one at a time.

There's no word on which new iPhone the feature will debut on, but we're assuming a couple of new models will be unveiled at Apple's annual press event, which tends to happen every September.

One point worth noting is that Samsung Dual Audio uses Bluetooth 5.0 - so if Apple followed suit, we think there's a good chance this version of Bluetooth will feature to all its new iPhones too. Theoretically, this also means Apple's older devices like the iPhone X, XS and iPhone 8 Plus could be upgraded to Bluetooth 5.0 via a software update.


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