Apple is fixing the iPhone 15's OLED "screen burn-in" issue

Apple is fixing the iPhone 15's OLED "screen burn-in" issue
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Apple is issuing a fix for a screen burn-in issue affecting some iPhone 15 handsets. Users have complained that certain parts of the OLED screen is showing a ghost-like image from something previously viewed.

Apple claims this is an image retention problem, rather than screen burn-in, Android Authority reports. In other words, it's the software that is faulty, rather than the hardware. Apple will soon release iOS 17.1 to fix the issue.

Screen burn-in has been known to affect OLED smartphone screens, but it usually occurs years into a handset's life. The iPhone 15 range only launched in September. Screen burn-in happens when some parts of the screen degrade quicker than others due to over use – if you're always using the same app, for instance. This can affect the screen's perceivable colours in one area, leaving behind a "ghost" image that's visible when using other apps.

Apple has released iOS 17.1 to beta users. It has reportedly fixed the image retention issue. Expect a full rollout soon.

We didn't suffer the problem during testing for our iPhone 15 Pro Max review. We did, however, notice slight improvements to the image and sound quality that Apple hadn't flagged in its marketing or PR materials. Which makes the handset one of the best smartphones for movies and music.


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