1More ComfoBuds Mini are the world’s smallest pair of ANC true wireless earbuds

1More ComfoBuds Mini
(Image credit: 1More)

In an undoubtedly a saturated market, how does a set of true wireless earbuds stand out from the crowd? Size is certainly an option, and its the angle 1More has taken for its new ComfoBuds Mini in a big way – and by big, we do mean small. 

The company claims it has found a way for us all to "do away with the bulky nature seen on many true wireless buds" thanks to its new earpieces, which weigh just 3.7g per bud. At only 17 x 13mm, each one is smaller than a glass marble too – a joyous read for those with smaller ears.

1More explains that the snug fit (thanks in part to the small size of the units) enables these "mini but mighty" earbuds to create the ideal seal to aid with the onboard Active Noise Cancellation technology, thus making them the world’s smallest pair of ANC earbuds – no small claim or accomplishment.

And the 1More ComfoBuds Mini are not just here to look cute either. Their diminutive sizing carries over to the pocket-friendly charging case, which helps the ComfoBuds Mini boast a 24-hour total battery life. They also feature four listening modes (including two ANC profiles up to a claimed 40dB of active noise cancellation), two microphones per earbud featuring a "deep learning algorithm", Qi wireless charging as well as USB-C quick-charge (where a five-minute jolt gets you an hour of music), personalised sound from Sonarworks SoundID and an IPX5 water resistance rating. 

The ComfoBuds Mini feature 1More’s own QuietMax ANC solution, with both feedforward and feedback microphones to tackle ambient noise. If the strongest 40dB ANC mode is too much of a closed-room experience, the company suggests selecting the milder ANC mode more suited to a gentle quietening of the room – a hot drink at the local coffee house, perhaps. 1More also provides a Transparency Mode to amplify certain sounds around the listener, plus a Wind Noise Resistance Mode to help filter out harsh frequencies caused by high winds or when cycling at speed.

1More ComfoBuds Mini

(Image credit: 1More)

Interestingly, 1More continues to work with Sonarworks by including the smart algorithm SoundID software with the new ComfoBuds Mini, which aims to find the ideal personal sound profile for each individual. Its inclusion should allow the Mini buds to cater to varied tastes via the 1More Music App. Together with four-time Grammy award-winning sound engineer, Luca Bignardi, the ComfoBuds Mini promise a "best of both worlds" approach – ie. an expertly tuned sound profile out of the box plus a user-dependent fine-tuning process assisted by SoundID. 

And within its app, 1More has even supplied 30 Soothing Sounds to take the stresses away from your day, plus a Gaming Mode to cut down on frustrating laggy moments in-game or when watching popular YouTube channels.

In addition, 1More has sought to include an AI-powered DNN (Deep Neural Network) algorithm with the ComfoBuds Mini that helps to recognise, learn and amplify the voice to lift phone calls to new heights. A total of four stable MEMS microphones promise a fuller, clearer call experience for those on the other line as the buds remove ambient noise. 

Whether or not these new earbuds can truly rival Apple's popular AirPods lineup to join our pick of the best AirPods alternatives remains to be seen, but they're certainly an interesting proposition – especially when you hear the recommended retail prices...

The 1More ComfoBuds Mini are available now in the USA from Amazon and 1More, priced $100, and via Amazon in the UK priced £93 (which is roughly AU$169, where sold) in either black or white finishes. 

To celebrate the launch, 1More is also offering £15 / $15 off for first 30 days using the discount code ‘ComfoMini15’, dropping the price of a pair to just £78 / $85. 

As we said, we cannot yet vouch for the sonic chops. But considering the spec-sheet, that pricing is competitive... 


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