Headphones, tablets, speakers and more – everything for the globetrotter in your life.

Whether the recipient is travelling the world, or just commuting on the 8.17 to London Bridge, they'll need gear that's good on the go.

We've rounded up everything the itchy-footed could want this Christmas, including noise-cancelling headphones, picture perfect tablets, and the necessary music and video services to keep you entertained. Happy travels!

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Sony MDR-1000X

Tested at £330 / Best price £329.95 at John Lewis

Whether you're jetting off on holiday or struggling through the rush hour crush, it's nice to be able to block out surrounding noise. These Sony cans pack noise-cancelling tech into a sleek body that folds down to fit in your pocket. And it's not just noise-cancelling, they're wireless too, so you don't need to worry about getting in a tangle on a packed train. Clever controls also let you mute the sound by placing a hand over the ear cup, should you want to hear what the people next to you are arguing about. And the sound? Superb.

Sony MDR-1000X review

UE Roll 2

Tested at £80 / Best price £74.99 at PC World

This colourful, flying saucer-shaped speaker will certainly turn heads, and thankfully it sounds good enough to please ears, too. It's louder than its predecessor, with more subtle treble and a more dynamic sound. Perfect for kicking back on a beach in Bali or getting the party started in your hotel room.

UE Roll 2 review

Amazon Echo Dot

Best price £49.99 at Amazon

Mark our words: Amazon's Echo line of speakers are going to be big this Christmas. The Echo Dot is the smaller of the two, and is compact enough to sit on your dashboard so it doesn't have to only live in your home. Set up your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and you can ask it anything, from what the traffic and weather are like to how heavy the moon is. It'll also stream music from Amazon Music Unlimited's 40 million-strong library. Get home, and it connects to your home speakers over Bluetooth, too. 

Amazon Echo review


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Apple iPad mini 4

Tested at £319 / Best price £305 at eBay

When you're on the move, you don't want to lug around a huge 10-inch tablet. A diddy device like this is much more suitable. It's as slim as an iPad Air – which is very slim indeed – and weighs a smidgen less than a packet of biscuits. The winning iOS operating system is on board, the screen is stellar, and the sound quality is detailed and refined. Pack it for your travels and you'll never be bored again.

Apple iPad mini 4 review

Philips SHB8850NC

Tested at £90 / Best price £89.99 at PC World

Wireless noise-cancelling cans don't have to cost a fortune. These are a fantastic buy if your budget is more Ryanair than Emirates. Powerful dynamics enable a spacious sound stage, while music sounds surprisingly detailed for the price. And you won't have to listen to that screaming baby for the whole flight.

Philips SHB8850NC review


Tested at £20 per month / Best price £20 a month

Sure, Spotify might have more songs, but audiophiles know it's quality that counts. And Tidal has that in spades. The service's CD-quality lossless tunes blow rivals' measly 320kbps offerings out of the water. It's not cheap. But throw in exclusive tracks, videos and even live concerts, and it's the gift that'll keep on giving. Set your songs to offline and you can enjoy them whenever you're stuck without a network connection.

Tidal review

Amazon Prime Video

Tested at £6 a month / Best price £6 a month at Amazon

Amazon's video streaming service has one thing Netflix can't match: offline viewing. Shows and films can be downloaded to your phone, tablet or laptop, ready to be watched on the go. It's also one of the most forward-thinking streaming services around, offering content in 4K and HDR. Plus it has Jeremy Clarkson's new car show. We'll let you decide if that's a selling point.

Amazon Prime Video review

FiiO M3

Tested at £50 / Best price £49 at Amazon

Yes, you could listen to music on your phone, but most of them can't handle hi-res music files. Thankfully, this matchbox-sized player is up to the task. Sound is full of clarity and precision, making for an incredibly detailed listen. Plus the expandable storage means you can cram-on thousands of tunes. With this in your pocket, the commute won't feel like such a slog after all.

FiiO M3 review

iMuto 10,000mAh Mini Portable Charger

Best price £15.95 at Amazon

You're on the move, the last thing you want is for your device to die. This portable charger can juice up an iPhone 6 almost four times, a Samsung Galaxy S6 almost three times, or an iPad mini once. You can charge two devices at once, and the screen shows you how much power it has left. Just don't forget to charge it.

LG G5 with Hi-Fi Plus DAC

Best price £398.99 at Handtec

LG's mobile has modular capability – that means you can buy add-ons that you slot into the port at the bottom. Our favourite is the Hi-Fi Plus DAC, developed with B&O, which supports hi-res playback up to 32-bit/384kHz. For our money, that makes it the best-sounding smartphone around, and the ideal travel companion.

LG G5 with Hi-Fi Plus DAC review