Our Verdict 
The NX-F3 is an amiable offering and a highly capable 2.1 system
Cohesive, punchy sound
good picture
simple overall styling
Cluttered and unnecessarily complex remote
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The JVC has an impressive array of features. Its HDMI output can upscale to 1080p, it can cope with DivX discs, and there's USB Music Clipping, which can record tracks from a CD straight to an MP3 player. It's a nice idea, but only works at normal speed at 128Kbps.

The on-screen menus are simple and effective, the main unit smart, if boxy, and the speakers stylish in a kind of tubular way. However the complicated, cluttered remote detracts from the overall experience.Good image qualityThe speakers are composed, and the subwoofer injects muscle into lower frequencies. The image quality is good, with fair insight into the dark recesses of Sweeney Todd, while in Spider-man 3 it gives the blue and red of Spidey's brash, skin-tight outfit a vibrant glow without appearing overcooked. Overall, this is a simple, well-sorted system.