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iBasso D10 review

Headphone amp, DAC and USB soundcard all in one Tested at £279.00

Our Verdict

It may be expensive, but it’s also a versatile and gifted little machine


  • Compact, portable and solidly built
  • rechargeable battery
  • versatile connectivity
  • clear sonic improvements


  • Slight loss of attack and softness to bass

The digital revolution has changed the way we listen to music, with new listening avenues being opened up and the re-emergence of old kit once again relevant with the advent of MP3s.

This iBasso is in a way three such products in one – a headphone amp, DAC and a USB soundcard, ideal for PC and laptop users.

Neat, slim and sound enhancing
We've looked at iBasso's D2 before; the D10 boasts similarly slender proportions and is neatly put together, light and eminently portable.

The D10 adds digital coaxial and digital optical inputs to the USB and auxiliary inputs.

Connect to the headphone or auxiliary output and you're in business. Power comes courtesy of the integrated rechargeable battery, which after a six-hour full charge will be ready for around 30 hours of use.

Improvements in clarity and detail
It's chargeable from USB or mains, with all the necessary cables included. We connected it to our laptop using £100 Grado SR60i headphones.

Compared with the headphone output on the laptop, there are noticeable improvements in clarity and detail.

A lossless file of Kings of Leon's Sex On Fire sounds dynamic, spacious and clean, though a little attack is sacrificed, and bass notes have a hint of softness. There's a clear sonic improvement, though.

It is expensive, but if your digital music system can justify it, and you can use the versatility, there are sonic gains to be had.

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