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Heed Audio Questar MM review

Makes listening enthralling with its punchy and capable delivery Tested at £225.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

The Questar makes listening enthralling with its punchy and capable delivery


  • Well-balanced sound, coherent, rhythmic, good with dynamics, well detailed


  • Nothing of note

We first looked at Heed's Questar in 2006 and liked it so much we gave it five stars. But has time been kind? Bigger than the Creek OBH-15, the Questar comes in a smooth black brushed finish and is available in either moving magnet or moving coil versions, meaning you don't get the ‘two-in-one' option the Creek OBH-15 offers.

Playing the complex Carmina Burana, the Questar is subtle when called for, and dynamic and propulsive in keeping with the tempo changes and mood of the music. The richness of the vocals is a joy to listen to and the sound neatly balanced, with a smooth top end.

Switching back to Dancing In The Street, the whole performance possesses a rhythmic cohesion that gets your head bobbing along in time. Detailing, too, is more than adequate, with low-level saxophone lines and every vocal nuance coming to light.

Quite simply, the flexible Questar makes listening enthralling and pleasurable.