Our Verdict 
It may be cheap, but this dock is sonically uninspiring
Allows you to transfer computer files
solid low frequencies
Can't charge certain iPod's
can't access iPod menus
confused sound
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Even compared to other docks, the Genius SP-Tempo 350 is super cheap, although there is a price to pay with regards basic features and functionality.

For starters, it can't charge the second-gen iPod Touch, 120GB iPod Classic or the fourth-gen iPod nano.

The credit card remote only performs basic functions and doesn't have the ability to access and navigate iPod on-screen menus.

There are, however, auxiliary and USB inputs, with the latter allowing you to transfer files from a computer.

Sound quality is a mixed back. Low frequencies are relatively potent and solid-sounding, but the overall presentation errs on the messy and confused side – there's no sense of clarity or openness to the sound and the speakers are too quick to show signs of distress when you ramp up the volume.

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This dock is cheap, but sonically uninspiring.

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