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Turntable Articles


Love the mag - so much so, my girlfriend bought me a subscription for Christmas - so just wanted to say thanks.  I like the fact that you all seem to have your feet on the ground and a sense of humour. Makes a refreshing change to the inherent snobbery of other audio periodicals I could mention, which I often read through clenched wallet and fist.

was just wondering though if you were planning any features comparing the current crop of turntables out there? As I have recently rekindled the flames of my long dormant vinyl obsession, I'd be interested to know your thoughts on how accessible this artform (for such it is) is to the average joe.  Forget about your 'reasonably inexpensive' (to quote those other mags) decks costing £3K plus, I want to know how much quality noise I can get for a few hundred quid.  Times are tough, know what I mean?

Would be great if you could consider this kind of feature for the future, especially with the recent resurge in olde style record playing being so widely reported.  






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Re: Turntable Articles

Whilst it's actually a mag-related question, this might be better off in the turntable section, debate-wise. Will move it...

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Re: Turntable Articles

Ah, budget TTs, my fav topic!

All these will make a great noise...and blow away budget CD players on older recordings.

Ok, here's my selection based on price, starting from the very low, up to about 300 smackers.

I've allowed for a new phono cartridge within my price limit (to protect your records from knackered cartridges and styli) - all are 2nd hand unless stated.

Below £80:
Pioneer PL-12d + AT-95E, Dual CS-505/2 + Ortofon OM5E

Project Genie 2 (new with cart - richersounds), Rega Planar 2 + Ortofon OM5E

Rega P1 (new with cart), Rega Planar 3 + Ortofon OM10E

Systemdek IIX + AT-120e, Linn Axis + AT-120e, Rega P2 (new with Bias cart fitted).

Obv, the higher up the price ladder you go, the better the sound and (provided you get a good example) the 2nd hand decks will be of a higher sound quality pound-for-pound than new, but obv there are the normal 2nd hand pitfalls (buying a dog etc).

But buying new means no faffing about installing a new cartridge, and they generally work straight out of the box...you pays your money etc...

Don't forget though, that if your hifi/amp doesn't have a "phono" input, you will need a phono stage. These start at £20 and go rapidly skywards...

Hope this helps...

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