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Pioneer PL-112D ...hmmm

Ive just hooked up my new second hand pl-112d.....straight through the arcam delta 60 into the tannoy mercury f1s.

 As you may know the tannoys arent overly bassy, but when I played a record on this player the bass was unbelievable to the point where the cones/big tweeters are shaking and pulsating in and out extremely far and the amount of air being pushed out of the front facing holes is almost hitting me in the face...its almost like having air con. I got scared and turned it off.

 Thing is I mainly use this in a computer setup and cones dont visibly move in and out when im playing music this way and I can barely feel air out of the bottom holes.

 Is there something wrong with the record player or is this normal???

 Sorry for the lack of lingo! Please advise. cheers

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Re: Pioneer PL-112D ...hmmm

This is fairly normal with phono cartridges which don't have artificial cut-off limits like CD does. Many phono stages have a subsonic filter to avoid just this problem.

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Re: Pioneer PL-112D ...hmmm

Thanks! So is there a phono cartridge  or phono stage I can buy to sort this problem? I dont really want to spend much at all so any recommendations would be great as its pretty unlistenable at the moment.


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Re: Pioneer PL-112D ...hmmm

Hmmm, could be the Delta 60 is set up for moving coil cartridges and you're using a moving magnet, and IIRC the D60 also had a facility for adjusting the loading to suit various cartridges via modules inserted internally.

There were specific loading modules for MM and MC cartridges, with small switches to adjust their characteristics, so it may be (if you haven't used this amp with a turntable before) that it's set up for an MC cartridge, and may even have an MC module fitted, or it could just be set to MM with an MM module requiring some settings changed to suit your current cartridge.

Probably worth a phone call to Arcam for some guidance...

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