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Marantz M-CR610 - Suitable speakers


I've newly received my Marantz M-CR610 Wireless Network CD Receiver with AirPlay but I did not like its sounds with Denon SC-N7 speakers which I've already had and I'm looking for a pair of bookshelf speakers. I've selected below speakers but could not decide which one is perfectly matching. All those speakers are in same price range and recommended to connect Amplifier with 15 - 150 Watt range (Marantz M-CR610 output 60 Watts).

Does anyone who can advise me?or you're welcome to suggest other speakers which price range below 500 USD (400EUR or 300 £).

DALI Zensor 1

Boston Acoustics A26

Cambridge Audio S30

Monitor Audio Bronze BX2

Monitor Audio MR1

Mordaunt-Short Aviano 1


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Dali Zensor 1. Brilliant

Dali Zensor 1. Brilliant speakers. Or the new 3s for another £100.

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RE: Marantz M-CR610 - Suitable speakers

In your list you must add KEF Q100 or much better KEF Q300 . I have the Mcr 610 with KEF Q300 and sounds simple amazing . 

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I have the Marantz M-CR610

I have the Marantz M-CR610 paired with Monitor Audio RX1 speakers and they sound really good together. The RX1s are not new and so you might be able to get them reduced or second hand.

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