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Castle Knight 3

Always been a fan of the old Castle products.  The latest Speakers come from China and IAG now own the brand.  I bought a pair of 3's and a pair of 4's . 3's are expensive but the main reason for buying was the fact that Moorgate acoustics in Sheffield had them at 319.00 which is nearly 40% off and available in several finishes.   I choose a Antique Oak.  Having used them now for over  2 weeks I can say they sound even better than the Castle Severn 2's I have been using.  They probably are overpriced at the full RRP but at 319.00 are a bargain. I think delivery may be free to the UK adresses. Knight 5's similarly at 449.oo have over 300.00 discount.   I did see Audio T had similar prices last year.  Apart from the sound, well I liked them, the quality of manufacture and components puts most makes to shame particularly the likes of Q acoustics. 

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RE: Castle Knight 3

Hi, thanks for the information. Can you or anyone else expland on pros and cons for the Knight 3 or Knight 1 models? For example, do they work well near the walls in a room, sound quality wise, general sound - harsh, smooth or natural sounding, good timing?  etc. Ive seen the Knight 3 model for £300 and Knight 1 for £150, which seems like a bargain. Hows does the Knight 3 stack up against models such as the Mission MX3 - I realise the finish on the MX3 is nothing in comparison to the Knight range - but was thinking in terms of SQ as well - room flexibility.

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