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Samsung UE48H6400 in the bedroom, with...a sound bar?



Hi all


(NB: hope this is the right forum areas, seemd a little Home Cinema-ish, sooo...)


Am on leave for a few weeks and thinking of getting a relatively flush-mounted, reasonably-sized wallmount TV for the bedroom.


The Samsung UE48H6400 seems the flavour of the moment, so this is currently top of my list.


Talked to a local installer yesterday and we ran through several options for connectivity and came up with the following:


Primary option: HDMI source splitter from SkyHD box in downstairs living room, fed to the storage area in my upstairs office (which is next to the main bedroom). That source is then joined by a new local 3D BluRay player (located in the office storage) and the output to that player then rejoines the Sky feed, through another connector box, which feeds both souces through a single switchable HDMI (plumbed through ceilings and fed though walls) into the Samsung. Also: the wallmount location already has digital terrestrial HD already plumberd in.


So, first off: thoughts on that setup? The general idea is to try and get some good quality HD content to feed it, without forking out for Skymultiroom (the current concept being based on remotely controlling the single SkyHD box when in the bedroom).


Side thoughts: alternate TVs at that size, best 3D BluRay combo?


Also: am wondering about whether to get a soundbar of somekind to supplement the TV or - one of the installers last minute suggestion, running a separate set of zoned wallmount  (or even ceilingmount?) speakers from my existing Yamaha DSP-AX863SE which is also downstairs. My thoughts around this are to do with costs, cabling, whether a soundbar would be too physically obtrusive or would rying to run speakers from the Yam be a bit too bonkers.


Anyhoo, consider this a discussion point. Am open to suggestions on any or all devices and or general feedback.


Trying to budget for this realtively modestly and also don't want to tear the house up!


Any thoughts appreciated.


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The other TV to consider is

The other TV to consider is Sony W829.

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Many thx for the suggestion

Cheers BB


Any thoughts about spearker solutions? Am more fixed on the idea of a soundbar at this time, but with the proviso that it sounds brill, but is relatively unobtrustive if wallmounted.


PS: The recent Forum upgrade killed my original account and changed it's name to Admin '.'


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Well, I've made my choices...

Hi all,

After some deliberation (inc consideration of the Sony BB mentioned), I plonked for the following:

Samsung UE48H6400 TV

Sony BDP 5200 BluRay Player (I was stunned by the spec and price on this when I found it...and it's tiny!)

Phillips HTL5120 Soundbar

All getting installed next week.


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Off the back of the many

Off the back of the many reviews I checked out the UE48H6400 and it is indeed excellent

However, right next to it was a slightly higher spec and new modle (UE48H66700) which in my view was worth paying an extra £100 for.

I've no had it for 3 weeks and i'm over the moon with it!



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