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Replacement needed for Denon AVR 3808



Tried posting this a couple of times but keeps disappearing! Third time lucky I hope..........

I need to replace my Denon AVR 3808 (blown HDMI board) so am looking at suggestions/recommendations if any has any. Ideally I'd like to keep the new reciever for a good while (had the Denon 6 years) so would need a bit of future proofing (HDMI 2.Innocent and hopefully dual HDMI outputs so I can run a separate video feed to my office. I've come up with the following so far:


Yamaha RV-A1040

Denon AVR X4000 (no HDMI 2.0 though)

Denon AVR 4250 (same as above)

Pioneer SCLX57 (again no HDMI to a bit of a bargain at the minute)

Pioneer SC 2024

WIll be running B&W MT-30 in 5.1 only and a pair of KEY iQ10s for Zone 2. I'm conecrened the pioneers might be a bit bright with both sets of speakers and haven't heard any recent Yamaha amps. I loved the sound of the 3808 so owuld hope the X4000 would be at least the same if not a bit of a step up.

Are there any other amps I should be looking at? Budget is up to £1k