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Mission M74 vs M35

I Have a pair of M74's & would like to upgrade to M35's. Is this a wise move? Which one is a better sounding speaker? I know the M35's are 3 way & the M74's are 2 ways. Im in two minds here. Please help

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Re: Mission M74 vs M35

I've never heard the M74 so its difficult to compare but as you can see from my signature i've got the M35is and they're brilliant. Not too difficult to drive but i must admit I did bi-wire them to get what I thought was the best sound. What HI-FI  reviewed the model below (M34s- 2 way bass driver instead of three) andgave them 5*s. Before buying the M35s I looked at a few reviews and everyone who had them said how good they were


The choice in the end is yours but if you get them I imagine you won't be disappointed 


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