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RE: Sonos CR200 Dead Spots

The_Lhc wrote:
 You might be better off trying to get some money back and getting a Nexus 7 or something instead. 

I already have an iPod Touch that I use, but I much prefer the Sonos CR200. The hardware buttons are much better for volume control and other features.

I also have a Nexus 7 here in the house and I'm not really that impressed with it to be honest. It's going to get replaced by an iPad Mini at some point (we already have a full sized one). Using the Nexus 7 just as a dedicated Sonos controller may a good use for it though.



eggontoast wrote:
 I did hear that the new ones don't suffer from this problem. Sonos won't mess you about, they'll replace it. 

Thank you for the reasurrance. Hopefully I'll get decent service when I contact them. Unfortunately I'll have to leave this until the New Year now though.


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RE: Sonos CR200 Dead Spots

10th January 2013 and I have awoken to an 8mm dead strip at the bottom of my CR200! The controller was purchased from my local Hi-Fi shop on 18th May 2010 so I will report back on my experience with trying to get a replacement or refund in case the tale is of use to other forum members.


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