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Denon DM37 or budget separates

Hi folks,


Searched but didn't find this question but it must have been asked before?

Is it beter to buy aDenon DM37 micro system (£150 refurbished, superfi) or budget separates like NAD or cambridge?

Does the Denon sound like a hifi or just a very good micro?


[I will be using a pair of KEF Coda 7 bookshelf speakers for the monemt. I want to listen to CDs and compilation MP3 disks]

The DAB is not a deal breaker...




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Re: Denon DM37 or budget separates

I find it horrible.

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Re: Denon DM37 or budget separates

DM37, a great little micro. Not sure I would go as far as recommending it above a NAD or Cambridge seperates system though. If its space saving you want then I would go for the Denon.

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Re: Denon DM37 or budget separates

It'd be handy to know what your budget is and also what music you generally listen to?

The Denon is a great little micro but it wont compete with the likes of the NAD C315BEE integrated amp and NAD C515BEE CDP; more so with your speakers on decent stands and with the likes of a Chord Crimson interconnect and Chord Carnival Silverscreen speaker cable.

Dependant upon your budget; decent 2nd hand amps and CDP's would be worth looking at as well. You can get a NAD C320BEE integrated amp via eBay for c£120 these days and IMO it blows the NAD C315BEE amp out of the water Smile

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Re: Denon DM37 or budget separates

Separate components will give you better performance, so it's a question of size/convenience vs sound. That said, the D-M37 has long been one of our favourite micro systems and a consistent Award winner in its class.

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Re: Denon DM37 or budget separates


The DM37 is excellent, VFM, product. The only thing I don't like in 37 is the volume knob, hard as a rock, IMO. Said that, if partnered with MA BR1/BR2 or Diamond 9.1/9.2, excellent setup you have there.

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Re: Denon DM37 or budget separates

A budget seperates system will be much better sounding than the Denon, especially when cranked up.  I own the Denon and have owned a budget Cambridge Audio setup.  The only reason I would buy the Denon would be if I had space problems, or needed a remote control to control everything.  My Denon is in the bedroom where I need a remote, have limited space, and dont generally listen to it loud.

You could also look for s/hand gear. I picked up a Rotel RA931 / Denon tuner / B&W 600 speakers for £40 a while back, which sounds amazing. 


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