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Cyrus 6vs amp


Does anybody have any experience with this amp? I have an opportunity to pick one up for £150.

I'm currently using a NAD C320 amp partnered with Wharfedale 10.1's and wondered whether it would be a wothwhile upgrade?



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RE: Cyrus 6vs amp

Depends on whether you like the Cyrus sound or not. Can you hook it up to your wharfedales and have a listen? It is a better amp though, all said and done.


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RE: Cyrus 6vs amp

Not much between them. 

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RE: Cyrus 6vs amp

Well worth a listen. The 8vs2 would be a significant step up.

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RE: Cyrus 6vs amp

The NAD would have been about £180 when new, the Cyrus probably somewhere round £700. 


There should be pretty significant differences there somewhere.

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I had the nad C340 +

I had the nad C340 + Wharfedale 8.1's. I wanted to upgrade the amp and got the cyrus 6vs, but was disappointed because the amp was more revealing of badly recorded cd's and there are no tone controls to compensate. I had lost system synergy and missed the fact that the nad made all my cd's sound nice.

I eventually also upgraded to arcam cd192 and spendor S3/5R but still miss the fun I had making cassette recordings with the nad amp.

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