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bi-wire or bi-amping or not

I have a NAD T-773 and JBL Studio L890 does bi-wiring do anything and what do i need to bi-amping and does it matter?

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Re: Which kind of speakers should i buy?

Heavy metal system need an impact, high current drive and narrow sound stage (so sound come direct at you, more fun!).  I can't help you here as I don't know any AV amp (apart from my one) but the more transparant speakers are the brighter it's gonna be with many nu-matel recording so Ikon 6 may be over kill!

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Re: Which kind of speakers should i buy?

I have Ikon 6 and they sound wonderful with acoustic music. Possibly a little slow for heavy metal though.



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Re: Which kind of speakers should i buy?

Joel they don't when you bi-amp them with some monster gear as I have. They sound amazing, transparent and fast now.

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