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HDTracks - Audiophile-quality downloads.......not exactly

For the uninitaited, CDs and downloads have been getting louder and more compressed for years (what is often called the Loudness Wars). This site here stores DR (Dynamic Range) measures for recordings, where people do the DR measure using a TT DR metre and then upload the results. I was curious to see how HDTracks downloads fared. Not very well apparantly.


So, next time you fork out your hard-earned, beware. If the master is compressed to within an inch of its life, it doesn't matter how many bits or khz you throw at it, it'll still not sound as good as it could. Audiophile? I think not. Just shows that Hi-Res is no panacea, as many on this forum have pointed out. What with Neil Young, Sony et al getting in on the Hi-Res act, I feel we're really losing site of the main objective: good masters.

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RE: HDTracks - Audiophile-quality downloads.......not exactly

I agree with you. I've had some great sounding music from HD-tracks - but not with a 100% success rate. I always do some research now on the sound quality before openning the wallet. 

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