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samsung galaxy s3 sound issues

I have an S3 on contract which is about 6mth old. Since the last update a couple of weeks ago the sound has become an issue. If I ring out no one can herar me and if I get  an incoming call i am very distant. Also sometimes there is no sound on you tube or notifications.  I have been into local EE shop who just said take battery out etc etc and if still the same it will need to be sent back for up to a month which I don't want to do if possible. 

does anyone have any suggestions or similar experience? 

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RE: samsung galaxy s3 sound issues

I would suggest trying (stop when one works...)

1) Boot into factory mode & wipe the cache

2) Boot into factory mode and do factory reset (wipes ALL data)

3) Use KIES to re-install the earlier ROM

4) If sound remains an issue get cheap PAYG to keep you going while you send it back...

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RE: samsung galaxy s3 sound issues

I had a very similar experience - ended up haveing to send it in to Samsung for repair. They didn't appear to be surprised at the the problem and whatever they did fixed it.

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RE: samsung galaxy s3 sound issues

The last update has killed lots of s3s including mine. They know about it that's why they pulled the update a few weeks into it being out. I've tried rolling mine back but it didn't work.

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RE: samsung galaxy s3 sound issues

OTA jellybean update wreked my S3, even after a hard reset and installing via Kies I still have very occasionally the problem you describe. Worse still is the unstable wi-fi connection, it's forever dropping the connection with an error message that the internet speed is too slow, and that's sat next to a fire optically connected router running at a 40Mb speed! Turned a great phone into a source of irritation.

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