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logitech harmony 1000

i recently purchased a used [but in good condition] harmony 1000 remote control. after a month of use the screen has gone blank, it will start in safe mode but when i try and update it online it turns off and the connection fails. i contacted logitech but the only advise they gave was that it was faulty and to throw it in the bin!!!!!! any ideas where i can get it fixed as it is an expensive item

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RE: Accessories

Try this site.

This was suggested in one of the replies (I haven't tried this myself):


 Boot remote into safe mode (Insert battery whilst holding down the power button)  Update firmware from Logitech.  Now this is the painful bit.... It will get to abou 42% then it will reboot. You wiil need to press and hols the power button down as soon as the screen goes blank. You will need to do this again at around 60%. If you select show details when updating the firmware you will see it say 'Rebooting remote'.  Follow the remaining prompts.


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