4K Ultra HD Blu-ray is now in full effect! But where can you buy the discs? And what's available?

4K Blu-ray has been around for over a year in the UK, and there are over 100 titles available to enjoy in this ultra high-definition disc format.

Not long ago, a 65in 4K TV would have cost £5000 and 4K content was restricted to Netflix and Amazon's streaming services. Now you can find a 65in 4K TV for around half that price. And what was a trickle of content is on its way to becoming a tsunami as studios release more titles both new and old.

So far there's Samsung's UBD-M9000, Sony's UBP-X800, Oppo's UDP-203 and the Panasonic DMP-UB900,  which are joined by Microsoft's Xbox One X. There are also more affordable players such as Microsoft's Xbox One S and LG's UP970. And Cambridge has just announced its high-end CXUHD.

So we've rounded up all the Ultra HD Blu-rays you can buy in the UK*. We’ll be updating this page regularly as more titles are released.

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* Prices listed are the cheapest available, not including P&P. You can purchase 4K Blu-rays from Amazon, HMV and Zavvi

4K Blu-ray discs for release in 2017

13th November

20th November

27th November

4th December

11th December

18th December

26th December

15th January, 2018

22nd January, 2018

29th January, 2018

5th February, 2018

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5th March, 2018

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20th Century Fox

Alien Covenant (£20) – Better than Prometheus but it still has faults. It looks great in 4K and the Atmos track is… atmospheric – View at Amazon

Assassin's Creed (£20) – The film may be interminably dour, with poorly conceived action scenes, but the 4K disc is stunning both in picture and sound View at HMV

Boss Baby, The (£20) – Decent enough film for the kids. The Atmos track is solid but, visually, the 4K doesn't distinguish itself from the standard Blu-ray View at HMV

Dawn Of Planet Of The Apes (£20) – A superior sequel. The HDR adds more subtlety to the image, but there's no Dolby Atmos or DTS:X soundtrack View at Amazon

Deadpool (£20) – Ryan Reynolds is the 'Merc with the mouth' in this foul-mouthed superhero film that gleefully breaks the fourth wall – UHD REVIEWView at Amazon

Exodus: Gods And Kings (£20) – Not among the great biblical epics, Gods And Kings is nonetheless a visually lush film from Sir Ridley Scott View at Amazon

Fantastic Four (£20) – An intriguing, if downbeat, take on Marvel’s first family, it comes with an immersive DTS soundtrack View at Amazon

Hidden Figures (£20) A true and uplifting story of three black women working on the US space program. The picture is subtle, but there's real detail to be revealed View at Amazon

Hitman: Agent 47 (£26) – A second attempt at adapting the stealth videogame missed its target in cinemas, but the Ultra HD version hits the mark View at Amazon

Ice Age: Collision Course (£20) – Despite the fantastic UHD performance, this is a largely stale effort from a franchise that's showing its age View at HMV

Independence Day (£20) – This enjoyably cheesy blockbuster gets a 4K remaster in time for its 20th anniversary View at Amazon

Independence Day Resurgence (£20) – Resurgence is a lazy retread of the original. The UHD disc at least offers a decent upgrade over the Blu-ray – BLU-RAY REVIEW View at Amazon

Joy (£20) – Starring Jennifer Lawrence, this biopic about Joy Mangano (creator of the miracle mop) gets a UHD release View at HMV

Kingsman: The Secret Service (£20) – A raucous and raunchy riff on James Bond, with tongue lodged firmly in cheek View at Amazon

Life Of Pi (£20) – A visually stunning experience following a shipwreck survivor as he bids to return home – UHD REVIEWView at Amazon

Logan (£20) – The Wolverine film we've been waiting for. This 4K disc serves as an excellent upgrade over the Blu-ray in both image and soundFILM REVIEWView at HMV

Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates (£19) – A 'bromance' that sees Zac Efron and Adam Devine search for dates, only to find two out-of-control girls View at Zavvi

Miss Peregine's Home For Peculiar Children (£20) – Another film about odd people from Tim Burton, this native 4K film gets a pleasing transfer View at HMV

The Martian (£21) – Matt Damon is an astronaut stranded on Mars in yet another visually impressive, and surprisingly humorous, film from Sir Ridley Scott View at Amazon

The Martian Extended Edition (£20) – The extended cut of Ridley Scott's popular film features ten extra minutes and boasts a Dolby Atmos upgrade View at HMV

The Maze Runner (£20) – A group of teenagers wake up with no memory, as they try to escape from a massive, ever-shifting maze View at Amazon

Maze Runner: Scorch Trials (£20) – Having escaped the maze (spoiler!), they face a challenge to survive the arid conditions of a post-apocalyptic Earth View at HMV

Prometheus (£20) – A disappointing prequel (ish) to Alien, this upscaled 4K does at least look great. The soundtrack is DTS-HD 7.1, with no Atmos – View at HMV

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (£20) – An entertaining reboot of the long-running Apes series. The disc itself doesn't make the most of the 4K format though View at Amazon

The Revenant (£20) – When 19th century trapper Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is left for dead, he embarks on a quest to find his way back home. A gorgeous-looking film – UHD REVIEWView at Amazon

Trolls (£20) – A film aimed at kids, the picture and sound are good but it's not a significant upgrade over the Blu-ray View at Amazon

X-Men: Apocalypse (£20) – A disappointing sequel to DoFP that, despite the largely epic visuals, comes across as a bit overstuffed and familiar View at HMV

X-Men: Days of Future Past (£20) – The cast of the original X-Men and First Class are reunited in this time-bending take on the popular Marvel comicbook View at Amazon

X-Men First Class (£20) – This 4K upgrade offers a solid presentation with decent picture and very good sound. No Dolby Atmos though. View at HMV

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Planet Earth II (£30) – The best 4K Blu-ray so far? Though the sound is standard DTS-HD, the images will put you under a spell – UHD REVIEW View at HMV

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ArtHaus Musik

Tosca: Royal Opera House (Pappano) (£33) – Conductor Antonia Pappano leads the Royal Opera House Orchestra in this 2001 rendition of Giacomo Puccini's Tosca View at HMV

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Busch Media Group

Namibia - The Spirit of Wilderness (£20) – Takes a journey through Namibia, revealing its stunning natural locations in 4K HDR View at HMV

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 (£25) – Vol.2 isn't as good as the original Guardians, but still ranks as a fun film. The 4K is especially pretty, with an Atmos track that's forceful and effective – UHD REVIEWView at Amazon


On A Mission - Live In Madrid (£25) – A 4K release from a German cable manufacturer that also dabbles in music and media. This one should appeal to fans of classic rock and Michael Schenker in particular View at Amazon

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*UHD discs are region-free, so 4K discs from other regions should work on your 4K player. However, 4K players themselves aren't region-free, so the accompanying Blu-ray disc and digital codes are likely to be region-locked and will not work*

20th Century Fox

Birth Of A Nation (£23) – Nate Parker's film created lots of controversy, but is still a tough, unflinching look at slavery. The video gets a nice upgrade from the Blu-ray View at Amazon

Eddie The Eagle (£20) – An enjoyable, if familiar, underdog story told in an uncynical manner. The 4K video and audio lack pizazz compared to the Blu-ray performance – REVIEWView at Amazon

Keeping Up With The Joneses (£19) – A strong cast, but a weak comedy, the 4K disc features very good audio but a lacklustre video presentation View at Amazon

Morgan (£21) – Luke Scott, son of Ridley, delivers a leaden sci-fi tale. The 4K isn't much of an upgrade over the Blu-ray in picture or sound  View at Amazon

Snatched ($33) – Goldie Hawn returns, playing Amy Schumer's mum in this holiday-gone-wrong comedy. The video gets a slight HDR-assist over the Blu-ray View at Amazon US

Why Him? ($21) – Bryan Cranston meets his potential son-in-law in James Franco and all hell breaks loose. A fairly standard comedy that gets a fairly good 4K presentation View at Amazon US

Wild (£21) – Reese Witherspoon walks 1,100m in this adaptation of Cheryl Strayed's nonfiction book. The image suffers from several issues that negatively impact the film's visuals View at Amazon


Broad Green Pictures

Song To Song ($20) – Terence Malick makes his UHD bow with a meandering film about musicians in Texas. There's no HDR, but there are some stunning images View at Amazon

Bad Santa 2 ($30) – A sequel that misses the mark completely. No HDR, but the native 4K image is still plenty watchable View at Amazon US


Lions Gate

3:10 To Yuma ($17) – An underrated western remake with a bunch of cracking performances. It looks great while the DTS:X soundtrack is a corker View at Amazon US

Dredd (£23/$15) – Karl Urban is a great, taciturn Dredd in this stylistic take on the 2000 AD comic. The visuals and Atmos track are an upgrade over the Blu-ray View at Amazon or Amazon US

Enders Game (£12) – An entertaining adaptation of Orson Scott Card's book, which despite being a upscaled 2K, it shows an uptick in quality and the Atmos track packs a punch View at Amazon

Expendables, The ($15) – A rather weak pastiche of 80s action films, the 4K disc does offer a decent video upgrade and the Atmos track is capital L loud View at Amazon US

Expendables 2, The ($15) Not so expendable this time, with Jean Claude Van Damme as the villain. It looks splendid and the Atmos track rumbles with energy View at Amazon US

Gods Of Egypt ($21) – Mind-meltingly bizarre film from Alex Proyas that's ropey fun. Praise be to the gods for a very colourful film and an almighty DTS:X soundtrack View at Amazon US

Last Witch Hunter, The (£40/£32) – A daft but fun film with Vin Diesel as a centuries old witch hunter. The 4K image is an upgrade and the DTS:X track a fun one View at Amazon or German (B/2) at Amazon

Now You See Me (£10) – A fanciful and overly complicated film about magicians, the 4K image has issues but the Atmos track excels View at Amazon

Now You See Me 2 (£26) – A watchable but instantly forgettable sequel. The Atmos track is head and shoulders above the ordinary 4K presentation View at Amazon


Koch Media

Neon Demon, The (£33) – Winding Refn presents a visually ravishing film about the fashion industry, with a loopy story. It looks stunning, the Atmos sounds great but oddly no HDR View at Amazon


Paramount Pictures

Arrival (£38/$25) – A thoughtful, intelligent and emotional sc-fi. The image is intentionally drab, but offers a subtle upgrade and the Atmos track is well realised View at Amazon or Amazon US


Shout! Factory

Rocky Mountain Express (£13) – A scenic journey along the Rocky Mountain railway line with an overview of how it came to be. Disc has both SDR and HDR options and comes with an Atmos track View at Amazon


Sony Pictures

Fifth Element, The (£35) – Luc Besson's 90's sci-fi flick is still a joy twenty years later. This 4K restoration of the original print is super impressive, as is the Atmos track View at Amazon

Pride + Prejudice + Zombies ($25) – A rather silly riff on Jane Austen's famous novel, it does at least look and sound great on UHD View at Amazon US

Risen (£20) – A Christian-themed effort that's more TV than cinema. The video is of decent quality and the use of Atmos is okay View at Amazon


Universal Pictures

Ex Machina (£32) – A twisty-turny flick from writer Alex Garland that relies on dialogue and ideas. The native 4K looks great on UHD and the DTS:X is superbly used – REVIEWView at Amazon

Girl On The Train, The (£20) – A ho-hum mystery thriller starring Emily Blunt. The video presentation is alright but the film scores better with its DTS:X track View at Amazon

Fifty Shades Darker (£34) – A region free version and a rather tepid adaptation of E.L. James book. It's a decent enough UHD performance View at Amazon


Warner Bros.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 (£28) – Part 1 is bereft of much in the way of incident but works as a slow build to the finale. HDR adds a few nice details, though the DTS:X track is the highlight View at Amazon

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (£33) – Cracking conclusion to the Harry Potter series, the UHD is similar to Hallows Part 1 with HDR benefits and a cracking DTS:X track View at Amazon

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince ($35) – A mature effort in the Potter series. It's another upscaled 2K image with HDR enhancements. The DTS:X track is another refined one View at Amazon US

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix (£29) – A literally dark and gloomy effort, with the use of HDR accentuating aspects of the image. The DTS:X track is yet again impressive View at Amazon

Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut (£30) – An adaptation of Alan Moore's fabled comic that doesn't grasp the material. Visually it fails to pop and there's no DTS:X or Atmos track View at Amazon

Lions Gate

Criminal (£23) – Kevin Costner plays an ex-con implanted with a CIA agent's memories in an effort to stop a hacker from launching missiles that could start World War III. Action ensues View at HMV

Deepwater Horizon (£23) – A intense retelling of the Deepwater disaster, this is a film that looks great and sounds even better – BLU-RAY REVIEWView at Amazon

Expendables 3, The (£23) – Sly Stallone's crew of ageing action stars flex their biceps against expendable-turned-villain Mel Gibson's Conrad Stonebanks View at HMV

Hacksaw Ridge (£20) – A visceral depiction of the Battle of Okinawa that tells the story of the astonishing Desmond Dawes. Picture-wise, it's a notable upgrade over the Blu-ray View at Amazon

Hunger Games, The (£23) – A decent adaptation that's a bit tame in places. Jennifer Lawrence is solid as the heroine and the 4K Blu-ray sports a pleasing picture View at HMV

Hunger Games: Catching Fire (£23) – The most convincing of the Hunger Games films, the story engages and the 4K disc offers solid sound and vision View at HMV

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (£23) – A slow, introspective entry that plants the seeds for the final film. Not the brightest of 4K HDR pictures View at HMV

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (£23) – Katniss takes the fight to President Snow in a finale that's stuffed, but sends its characters off in a fitting manner View at HMV

Hunger Games, The: Four-film collection (£60) – A collection of all four films in the Hunger Games saga View at HMV

La La Land (£20) – An impressive showcase for HDR/WCG grading, with bold, vivid colours. The Dolby Atmos track makes this a terrific presentation View at Amazon

Patriots Day (£22) – A solid retelling of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. The 4K boasts a very good image and a great DTS:X track - BLU-RAY REVIEW - View at HMV

Power Rangers (£20) – The 2017 update of Power Rangers is underwhelming, but the Dolby Vision image is truly stunning, as is the Atmos soundtrack View at Amazon

Mechanic: Resurrection (£23) – Jason Statham returns to dispatch folks in ever more inventive ways. The film isn't great, but the disc is rather good View at HMV

Sicario (£23) – An awesomely tense experience as Emily Blunt's FBI agent gets in over her head in this stylish take on the war on drugs, complete with a superb soundtrack – BLU-RAY REVIEW - View at HMV

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Paramount Pictures

Allied (£25) – Robert Zemeckis' WW2 film has an interesting premise but the execution is flawed. Technically, it's an excellent film and the UHD reflects that – BLU-RAY REVIEW - View at Amazon

Baywatch (£25) – A film that's not entirely sure of its bearings, as a comedy it's not particularly funny. Still, the picture is suprisingly good as is the Atmos soundtrack – View at HMV

Ghost In The Shell [2017] (£25) – A visually spectacular but underwhelming take on original anime. The Atmos track is great, but visually it doesn't make as much of the 4K format – BLU-RAY REVIEW - View at HMV

Star Trek (£25) – The first and best entry in the new “Kelvin timeline”. Thanks to Abrams’ energetic direction, fantastic AV (Atmos track included) and engaging cast, it's one of the finest 4K discs View at Amazon

Star Trek Beyond (£25) – An improvement on Into Darkness, Beyond has plenty of fizz and energy although the story is overly familar. The 4K disc is another stunning effort – BLU-RAY REVIEW - View at Amazon

Star Trek Into Darkness (£20) – The cast still engages in this sequel and on the AV side it's another stellar effort, although the film suffers from an underwhelming narrative (Khaaaaannn!!!) View at Amazon

Terminator Genisys (£23) This weak Terminator reboot gets a serviceable 4K upgrade, along with a Dolby Atmos soundtrack. Genisys remains a terrible name for a film View at Amazon

xXx - The Return of Xander Cage (£25) – Xander Cage returns in this daft sequel, the image is good but the Dolby Atmos track is absolutely fantastic – BLU-RAY REVIEW - View at HMV

Transformers: The Last Knight (£25) – The Last Knight is not a good film, but the visuals and Atmos track are enjoyable. Also supports Dolby Vision – UHD REVIEWView at Amazon

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Sony Pictures

5th Wave, The (£20) – Chloe Grace Moretz leads the fightback against an alien attack that has devastated the Earth in this YA adaptation View at Amazon

A Few Good Men (£20) – Twenty five years on and this film looks as good as it ever will outside of a cinema. It also gets a Dolby Atmos track View at Zavvi

Amazing Spider-Man 2, The (£20) – It's a great advert for UHD, with fantastic picture and sound - but this superhero sequel suffers from an overly busy narrative - REVIEW - View at HMV

Angels And Demons (£20) – A better film than the original, but it still has trouble turning Dan Brown's words into the thriller it wants to be View at Amazon

Angry Birds Movie, The (£20) – An adaptation of the hugely popular mobile game, Angry Birds is your standard animated film wrapped in a terrific 4K package View at HMV

Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk (£20) Ang Lee's latest film is technically ambitious but offers a so-so experience. Disc supports 4K 60fps and Atmos View at HMV

Bram Stoker's Dracula (£20) – Francis Ford Coppola's adaptation of Dracula is a visually opulent one. The UHD looks stunning and the Atmos track is impressive – View at Amazon

Chappie (£20) – A somewhat derivative effort, Chappie is worth a watch thanks to the seamless visual effect of its main character View at HMV

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (£20) – A classic that gets a cracking 4K restoration that retains its filmic look. The soundtrack surprisingly favours a DTS-HD 5.1 over Atmos and DTS:X – View at HMV

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (£60) – This version of the film comes in a special case with a 64-page booklet of rare set photos – View at HMV

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (£20) – Ang Lee's classic gets a 4K restoration that's a fine example of the format, with stellar performance in both video and audio View at HMV

Concussion (£20) – Will Smith plays Dr Bennet Omalu, who discovers the NFL is hiding the truth about the risks from concussion in American football View at Amazon

Da Vinci CodeThe (£20) – Even 4K can't lift this leaden adaptation off the ground - nor can it make Tom Hanks' haircut look any better View at Amazon

Da Vinci Code/Angels and Demons/Inferno (£45) – Triple bill starring Tom Hanks in Dan Brown's popular book series about symbologist Robert Langdon View at HMV

Ghostbusters (£20) – Classic ’80s comedy about a group of New Yorkers taking on paranormal entities. Busting makes you feel good View at Amazon

Ghostbusters II (£20) – A sequel that doesn’t quite hit the heights of the first film, but still packs in some decent laughs and scares View at Amazon

Ghostbusters [2016] (£22) – A reboot? A remake? Whatever the case, Ghostbusters 2016 is hit and miss. The 4K release has a great soundtrack View at Zavvi

Ghostbusters 1-3 (£40) – Features the three Ghostbusters films in one box. The beloved original is the best of the lot View at HMV

Hancock (£20) – A promising set-up gives way to a disappointing second half, this is a superhero movie that at least attempts a few risks View at Amazon

Inferno (£20) – Tom Hanks again returns as Robert Langdon in another reasonable film. Visually it's good but the Atmos track is a fine selling point View at Amazon

Labyrinth (£20) – David Bowie features as the Goblin King, who gives a girl (Jennifer Connelly) 13 hours to solve a labyrinth or he'll take her baby brother away - UHD REVIEW - View at Amazon

Life (£20) – A riff on Alien, Life suffices as decent but predictable entertainment. The Atmos track is engaging and visually it's a clear step up on the Blu-ray View at HMV

Magnificent Seven, The (£20)  An improvement on the Blu-ray, the UHD release is more refined and looks fantastic. The Dolby Atmos track is a knockout too View at HMV

Passengers (£20) – A native 4K film that produces a stunningly pristine, clean image with very few flaws. The Atmos track offers a fine listen too View at HMV – Limited Edition boxset (£30) View at HMV

Pineapple Express (£20) – The one remaining reason to have faith in James Franco, who’s great in this stoner/bro-mance/crime comedy View at HMV

Resident Evil: Afterlife (£20) - Afterlife gets a decent visual facelift, but the real gains are felt in another fantastic Atmos track View at HMV

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (£20) The Resi series ends (or does it?) with a disappointing 4K image, but the sound is good View at Amazon

Salt (£20) – Angelina Jolie’s double agent goes on the run in this enjoyable, female-led action film that features a great HDR-assisted picture View at Amazon

Sausage Party (£20) – An indecent, vulgar and pun-tastic animated comedy that's received fine 4K treatment View at Amazon

Shallows, The (£20) A fine little thriller that pits Blake Lively against a killer shark. Even with some wonky CG, it's a great UHD disc and Lively is fantastic in it View at HMV

Smurfs: The Lost Village (£20) – Another okay entry into the Smurfs canon, visually the 4K is similar to the Blu-ray but the Atmos presentation is the real highlight View at HMV

Smurfs 2, The (£20) – One for the family, this live-action/animated hybrid has stellar picture and sound. The less said about the film the better View at Amazon

Spider-Man Legacy (£132) – All the Spider-Man films get a native 4K release and Dolby Atmos soundtrack. This is UHD done extremely well  View at Amazon

T2 Trainspotting (£20) – Probably not as good as the original, it's still a decent dip back into the lives of Renton and co. View at Amazon

Underworld: Blood Wars (£17) – Although, like its characters, the Underworld series will not die, the 4K version does at least offer a very good AV presentation View at Amazon

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Universal Pictures

Apollo 13 (£25) – Despite knowing the ending Ron Howard's take on the Apollo 13 accident is great entertainment. The presentation is a solid one with a thudding DTS:X track – View at Zavvi

Battleship (£25) – By all accounts a poorly conceived film, but a great showcase for 4K. There's no Atmos, but it has a DTS:X track instead View at Amazon

Bourne: The Ultimate Five-Movie Collection (£80) – A collection of all the Bourne movies to date. Even Legacy View at HMV

Bourne Identity, The (£22) – Identity turned the modern-day spy genre on its head and still remains one of the best spy thrillers of the 21st century View at Zavvi

Bourne Supremacy, The (£22) – Supremacy sees Paul Greengrass inherit the director's seat, creating what would become the series' signature style View at Zavvi

Bourne Ultimatum, The (£22) – A fantastic end to the trilogy that introduces a new enemy, brings back old characters and has several cracking set-pieces View at Zavvi

Bourne Legacy, The (£22) – A disappointing spin-off that attempts to copy the series style, but instead serves up a limp imitation View at Zavvi

Despicable Me (£25) – The wildy popular animated franchise hits 4K. It's one of the first discs to come with Dolby Vision - UHD REVIEW - View at HMV

Despicable Me 2 (£25) – The Despicable Me sequel gets the Dolby Vision treatment and, like the first film, it sports DTS:X audio View at HMV

Despicable Me 3 (£25) – The third in the Despicable series receives a 4K treatment and once again it gets the Dolby Vision treatement and DTS:X audio View at HMV

Dracula Untold (£25) – A Dracula origin story that lacks bite, but passes for decent entertainment. Comes with a DTS:X track – REVIEWView at HMV

E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial (£25) – Another Spielberg classic given the 4K treatment. The image is impressive with John William's score soars in the DTS:X track – View at Amazon

Everest (£22) – Relives the true story of a climbing expedition on Mt Everest that encounted one of the worst snow storms ever seen View at Zavvi

Fast & Furious 6 (£25) – This bonkers sixth instalment isn't as good as the fifth film, but features more silly, inane stunts involving lots of cars View at HMV

Fast & Furious 7 (£23) Jason Statham faces up against the Furious crew in a film that sees a car fly from one skyscraper to another View at Amazon

Fast & Furious 8 (£25) – Another utterly daft and entertaining entry in the series. It has support Dolby Vision and DTS:X – REVIEW - View at HMV or (£33) View Zavvi exclusive steelbook

Fifty Shades Of Grey + Fifty Shades Darker (£35) – The popular film series gets a UHD release. It's not much of an upgrade over the Blu-ray View at HMV

Get Out (£25) – Jordan Peele's nifty social horror arrives on 4K with a satisfactory 4K picture and DTS:X soundtrack. The best version of the film - REVIEW - View at HMV

Great Wall, The (£25) – Matt Damon stars in this fairly average fantasy film that does at least boast excellent sound and vision - REVIEW - View at HMV

How The Grinch Stole Christmas (£25) – Jim Carrey puts in another over the top performance  View at Zavvi

Huntsman: Winter's War, The (£25) – Chris Hemsworth returns in a sequel that sees the Huntsman try to keep the Magic Mirror away from Emily Blunt's Ice Queen View at Amazon

IMAX Adventure (£21) – An IMAX documentary that showcases scenes of tornados, the Grand Canyon and images of the universe in dazzling 4K (but strangely, no HDR) View at Amazon

IMAX Nature (£20) – Another IMAX documentary, this time taking in Antartica, primitive animals from the Ice Age and nature's most feared hunter, the shark View at Amazon

King Kong (£25) – Despite being ten years old, this is a substantial improvement over the Blu-ray, with better detail and colour. The DTS:X track is terrific too View at HMV

Lone Survivor (£25) – The story of a group of soldiers fighting for their lives after they're spotted in enemy territory. It's better than you might think, and the AV is top-notch View at Zavvi

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (£25) – Tom Cruise returns in this lacklustre sequel that boasts a very good picture and an excellent Atmos track View at HMV

Jason Bourne (£25) – Matt Damon returns as an older, more weary Bourne in a familiar addition. It's not as fresh, but still serves up some spectacular action scenes - REVIEW - View at HMV

Lucy (£25) – Luc Besson's bonkers sci-fi film is anchored by Scarlett Johansson's turn as a drug mule who develops special abilities. One of the best 4K discs available - REVIEW - View at Amazon

Minions (£25) – We still don't get the appeal of the Minions, but this is one of the nicer 4K animated discs. No Dolby Vision, but it does come with an Atmos track View at HMV

The Mummy [2017] (£25) – REVIEWView at HMV or (£30) View the Steelbook HMV edition

Mummy Trilogy, The (£40) – From a visual and audio view, the early 2000s' Mummy films hold up quite well, though the quality of the series gets steadily worse View at Amazon

Oblivion (£25) – Tom Cruise plays a veteran soldier tasked with extracting Earth's remaining resources. Looks and sounds spectacular in 4K and Atmos - REVIEW - View at Amazon

Purge, The: Three-movie Collection (£45) – Skip the first, see the second and third in this horror series. The picture upgrade is nice, but the DTS:X tracks excel View at HMV

Secret Life of Pets, The (£15) – Essentially Toy Story with animals. It's a decent affair, though the AV quality offers little upgrade over the Blu-ray View at Amazon

Serenity (£25) View at Zavvi

Sing (£25) – A decent animated riff on X-Factor, the 4K offers a good HDR-assisted picture, though detail could be better. The Atmos track offers good immersion View at Amazon

Snow White and The Huntsman (Extended Edition) (£25) – A tepid, revisionist tale of the Snow White story that's saved only by Charlize Theron's theatrics View at Zavvi

Split (£25) – Shyamalan's latest is very well done and contains a few welcome surprises. By far the best film he's made in years View at HMV

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (£22) – An average sequel with decent UHD visuals. The energetic Atmos soundtrack is the highlight View at Zavvi

The Action Collection (£80) View at HMV

Van Helsing (£25) A not particularly good reimagining of the pre-eminent hunter of vampires, with Hugh Jackman in the lead role. Features a DTS:X soundtrack View at HMV

Warcraft: The Beginning (£22) – WoW hits the screen in this occasionally confounding film. The visual effects are impressive, but the story and characters less so View at Zavvi

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Warner Bros.

Accountant, The (£20) – A bonkers, guilty pleasure hitman flick with a picture that's barely an upgrade over the Blu-ray and does not include Atmos either View at Amazon

Argo (£20) – Ben Affleck's Oscar-winning film hits 4K with an impressive picture. No Dolby Atmos soundtrack though View at HMV

Blade Runner: The Final Cut (£20) – A classic film gets the 4K treatment with a revelatory picture and a fantastic Atmos track. Truly outstanding - UHD REVIEW - View at Amazon

Blade Runner: Special Edition (£35) – Comes with the extra cuts, exclusive art book and several more features on the film – View at Amazon

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice – Ultimate Edition (£19) – A dour, shaggy dog of a superhero film. Ultimate Edition offers improvements, but could have been much better View at Amazon

Creed (£20) – Despite the presence of Sly Stallone's Rocky Balboa, this film focuses on Michael B. Jordan's Adonis Creed as he follows in the footsteps of late father Apollo View at Amazon

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them (£20) The film suffers from trying to do too much, but the UHD is outstanding, making this a reference-worthy disc - REVIEW - View at HMV

Goodfellas (£20) – A classic that's benefited from a 4K restoration, giving the film a new lease of life View at HMV

Great Gatsby, The (£20) – An energetic and exuberant take on Fitzgerald's classic that arguably offers style over substance. The UHD performance is stellar View at HMV

I Am Legend (£20)  A decent adaptation of Richard Matheson's short story. The picture and audio are terrific and Will Smith is in fine form View at Amazon

In The Heart Of The Sea (£20) – The story that inspired Moby Dick: the crew of a whaling ship are involved in a battle for survival when an Orca attacks their ship View at HMV

John Wick (£20) – Keanu Reeves' first go as hitman John Wick. The HDR visuals are nice and the Atmos track is phenomenal. Do not kill his dog View at HMV

John Wick: Chapter Two (£20) – Arguably better than the first, the sequel takes even better advantage of HDR and the Atmos is once again excellent – UHD REVIEW - View at HMV

John Wick 1 & 2 (£36) – Both films in the John Wick franchise in one neat package View at Amazon

Jupiter Ascending (£20) – A visually stunning, but goofy, sci-fi fantasy from the Wachowskis that boasts an immersive Atmos soundtrack - REVIEW - View at HMV

King Arthur - Legend Of The Sword (£23) – An underrated take on the King Arthur mythos, the image is a solid one and the Atmos track satisfies – View at Zavvi

Kong: Skull Island (£20) – A decent, if not especially memorable, take on King Kong. The Vietnam setting is interesting, the visuals are impressive and the Atmos track is spectacular View at Amazon

Legend of Tarzan, The (£20) - A functional take on Tarzan, the UHD disc offers spectacular audio and decent visuals. CG animals are still rubbish though View at Amazon

LEGO Movie, The (£23) – Everything is awesome in this vivid and colourful take on the toy bricks, popular with children and adults alike – REVIEW - View at Zavvi

LEGO Batman, The (£20) – It runs out of gas towards the end, but is an enjoyable ride nonetheless. Visually impressive, and the Atmos track is excellent too View at Amazon

Mad Max: Fury Road (£20) – Fast and furious, George Miller’s return to the wasteland is a beautiful audition for UHD and HDR - REVIEW - View at Amazon

Man of Steel (£20) – Zack Snyder's take on Superman is a bold, but flawed effort. The picture receives a slight upgrade, but the Dolby Atmos soundtrack is the real star - REVIEW - View at HMV

Pacific Rim (£20) – Guillermo del Toro's love-letter to Kaiju monster movies is a fun adventure that's one of the best 4K Blu-rays available View at Amazon

Pan (£20) – Another version of the Peter Pan story that’s visually dazzling, if an imperfect film. The Dolby Atmos soundtrack is the real highlight View at Amazon

Point Break (£20) – A remake of Kathryn Bigelow’s cult classic that takes place in the world of extreme sports, but doesn’t stick the landing View at Amazon

San Andreas (£20) – Dwayne Johnson takes on the San Andreas fault in this disaster film with a Dolby Atmos track that will shake your room - REVIEW - View at Amazon

Storks (£20) – The best way to catch this serviceable animated adventure on home entertainment thanks to its HDR-assisted video View at Amazon

Suicide Squad (£18) – Like Batman V Superman, this is mediocre. Despite some good moments, it falls apart upon closer inspection and the main villain is rubbish View at Amazon

Sully: Miracle On The Hudson (£20) – Clint Eastwood's drama is a little slow-paced, but it's a surprise the fine UHD is not presented in the full IMAX ratio View at Amazon

Town, The (£20) – Another Affleck film on 4K, this release is an upgrade over the Blu-ray in terms of sharpness and clarity View at Amazon

Unforgiven (£20) – A classic is given the respect it merits with a 4K transfer that remains true to Clint Eastwood's vision. The audio is improved over previous releases View at Amazon

War Dogs (£20) – A story that's too absurd to be real (but is), but the 4K disc is a subtle improvement over the Blu-ray - REVIEW - View at Amazon

Westworld – The Maze (£45) – A smart update of the man vs machine narrative, the 4K picture offers few improvements over the Blu-ray, the Atmos track is noticeably better than its HD counterpart View at HMV

Wonder Woman (£25) – A film that resuscitates DC's flagging comic book universe, the picture is bright and colourful and the Atmos track packs plenty of punch – UHD Review View at HMV

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