• Digital Stream DPS-1000
Our Verdict 
A respectable offering if not an inspiring one
Good value
decent out-of-the-box spec
Can crash at times
some quality issues
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At £90, the Digital Stream DPS-1000 is a cheap streamer, yet it makes the Apple TV look under-equipped thanks to its provision for BBC iPlayer, LoveFilm and Blinkbox streaming.

Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube are also on tap, and while there’s no wi-fi as standard, an extra-cost USB dongle sorts that quickly.

So far so good, although the Digital Stream’s lack of dedicated audio outputs means it’s not easy to use it with an analogue amp for music use.

On the other hand, the DPS-1000 does include a Scart, making it great upgrade choice for owners of old CRT sets.

Other gripes? The user interface doesn’t like to be rushed, and text entry sometimes takes ages. For all its promise, the Blinkbox service (in beta at present) is frustrating, too.

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It’s blocky and prone to hanging – not acceptable in a paid-for service, and disappointing next to the iPlayer performance. Still, given its price, it’s a fair buy.

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