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Chord’s nailed it with the CrimsonPlus: its control, detail resolution and expression are fantastic
Refined, detailed and expressive sound
warm when needed, can cut through when required
Lacks the last word in excitement
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The CrimsonPlus bagged an Award in 2010 thanks to its transparency and precision. In 2011 it gained new plastic plugs to dampen vibration, and duly picked up another gong. How will it fare against new competition in this year’s Awards? You’ll have to wait and see…

… But for now, we can say that we still rate the CrimsonPlus. Duly connected between a Cyrus CD6 SE CD player spinning Primus’s Del Davis Tree Farm and a Roksan Caspian M2 amp, with a pair of ATC SCM11 speakers completing the side, it’s as compsed and detailed as ever.

This track will immediately show up any shortcomings in a cable’s ability to convey tight rhythms and sudden dynamic changes, but the CrimsonPlus doesn’t put a foot wrong. Open and expansive sounding, but with an iron grip on Les Claypool’s insane, staccato bass work, it lets the music do its thing without getting too controlling.

It might not be quite as dramatic or expressive as some of its rivals, but the CrimsonPlus is definitely a fits-all-systems proposition.


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