Our Verdict 
One of the best cables we've heard for a while, this Chord Company HDMI has amazing sonic impact and capability
Muscular, exciting sound
incredible sonic impact
It's not cheap
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Let us introduce you to Chord Company's chunky Active HDMI cable.

Now we'll confess we had mistakenly imagined this involved some sort of battery power pack in its design (don't laugh, it's not unheard of), but no: the HDMI 1.3c-certified Active's mid-cable bulge conceals a new high frequency filter, which, claims the company, has particular benefits for sound quality.

That's true – this is palpably the most muscular-sounding and exciting cable we've heard for a while, its sonic impact being out of all proportion to its cost – but we think the benefits to picture quality are almost as dramatic.

This is an excellent cable in every regard.

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