Our Verdict 
Solidly built and easy to use, the Solo XT is worth considering provided that hefty bass doesn't put you off
Premium feel and design
intuitive interface
lots of features
Not the strongest tuner
only mono design
lacks some refinement
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The Boston Acoustics Solo XT is a tabletop DAB/FM radio. Yep, just a DAB/FM radio – no iPod dock, no internet radio, no wireless streaming. 

Still, it's a well-made, solid piece of kit. The main unit is available in two finishes with a choice of four coloured grilles. The radio sits vertically or horizontally, so fitting it in to your bedroom, kitchen or living room shouldn't be a problem.

Boston reckons the bedroom might be a safe bet, so provides clock, alarm, sleep and snooze settings – the entire circular trim is a slappable snooze button  – with the tuners. Elsewhere there's a 3.5mm-minijack audio input and an output, plus a headphone connection for private listening.

The display is clear and easy to read, with the three knobs providing efficient guides to the radio's menus. The Solo XT doesn't match the best in terms of tuner sensitivity, but with decent radio reception, this shouldn't be a big issue.

We were big fans of the Solo XT when we first heard it a few months back, and while we still think it has plenty to offer – not least for bass fans – it has been caught on its heels a touch by some new competition.

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Up and running, the mono design provides a surprising amount of weight and really fills a room. That bass does become a little tiresome, and the Solo XT doesn't have the refinement of rivals, but it's still worth considering.