• Bose MIE2i
Our Verdict 
A different approach to earbud design that also breeds a different sound – but one that’s up there with the best
Non-burrowing design is very comfortable
remote and mic unit
wide, well-organised soundstage
solid and tonally balanced
No noise isolation
can be beaten for outright detail
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Bose has gone for a fundamentally different approach to other companies, by designing in-ears that sit outside the ear canal, rather than burrowing in.

They don’t isolate noise like most rivals do, but that can be a good thing for commuters who like to be aware of what’s going on around them.

Besides, the upside is a comfortable, unintrusive fit – and thanks to that soft gel flap, they stay in your ears far better than most.

Chunky, full-bodied soundThe MIE2is have clearly been voiced to compensate for the extra distance between eardrum and earbud, so rather than a thin, washed-out delivery you get a chunky, full-bodied presentation.

They sound pacey and detailed, too, and the soundstage is lovely and wide, with good separation on tracks that allow it.

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They might be less starkly detailed than something like the Etymotics hf3s, but they’re no less valid as a result.

The mic and three-button remote work well, too.

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