If you're in the market for a dedicated portable music player and don't fancy going down the Apple route, these are the best alternatives to the iPod...

The iPod Classic is dead and the iPod Touch is, well, not quite the same - it only has a fraction of the storage of the Classic, making it fine for short journeys, but not a true portable jukebox for the serious audiophile.

Thankfully there are plenty of alternative players around, whether you want to boost audio quality or save your phone's battery. Feast your ears on this lot.

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Under £50

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Sony NW-A25HN

Reviewed on 11th January 2016 at

With a decent 16GB of memory, an SD card slot, built-in Bluetooth and great sound, this Sony player is a fantastic all-rounder.

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Under £300
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FiiO X5

Reviewed on 21st July 2014 at

It might be big and chunky, but this Fiio has it where it counts - the sound quality is excellent, especially when playing hi-res music.

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Under £1000

Sony NW-ZX2

Reviewed on 31st July 2015 at

With solid build, extensive file support and wonderfully detailed sound, Sony's second-generation hi-res Walkman ticks all the boxes. If you're serious about your music, consider it a wise investment.

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