Our Verdict 
There’s plenty of competition in this market and these Audio Chi’s don’t quite cut the mustard
Comfortable, stylish
solid build
decent bass and insight
Lack clarity and solidity
a little bright
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These, the first Audio Chi headphones we've seen, are nicely designed, with a padded quilt effect.

They're comfortable thanks to that headband and equally cushioned earpieces.

A detachable cable is supplied with a 3.5mm connection, with a woven cable that Audio Chi confidently claims won't tangle.

A lack of midrange clarityDown to business and the sound is interesting. While it's spacious and fairly detailed, with left and right pans moving from ear to ear as they ought, there's a lack of clarity and solidity to the midrange that causes vocals to lose impact, especially when there's plenty else to think about.

While rivals have punch and solidity, the Audio Chi earphones sound vague. Bass depth is okay, but notes need to be tighter and there's brightness to the treble.

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If you want a comfortable closed-back design, this ticks the boxes – but for pure sonic performance there are cheaper and better options.

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