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QED Revelation review

Beautifully balanced cable that's as at home with Busta Rhymes as it is with Beethoven - one of the best at this price level Tested at £15.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

A beautifully balanced cable that will work well in a wide range of systems


  • Detail resolution, dynamics and agility
  • refinement and tonal balance


  • Long running-in time

Think of the Revelation as the Award-winning Silver Anniversary's big brother and you've got it pegged. The Revelation is so complete a performer that the improvements fully justify the almost £10/m price premium.

It's brilliantly detailed, yet avoids the tonal brightness QED cables tend to favour.

The midrange is nicely balanced and lovingly layered, and lower frequencies have plenty of heft combined with class-leading agility. It all adds up to a cable that's as at home with Busta Rhymes as it is with Beethoven.

Provided your system's good enough to make proper use of a cable like this, you won't be disappointed.

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General Information

Product NameQED Revelation