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You can now train Google Assistant to better recognise your voice

You can now train Google Assistant to better recognise your voice
(Image credit: Google)

Thanks to an update to Google Assistant's Voice Match feature, smart speaker owners can now teach the voice assistant to better recognise their voice so they can receive personalised results.

This should help members of households who share the use of a Google-powered smart speaker get tailored results, like their own calendar reminders and favourite playlists.

Rather than being asked to say the hotword "Hey Google" when setting up Voice Match, the set-up process now involves saying full phrases such as “Hey Google, play my workout playlist” so it can better identify the speaker. Up to six people can be 'voice matched' to a single Google Assistant device.

In the coming weeks, Google is also introducing a way to adjust a device's sensitivity to the wakeword. The Assistant can be made more sensitive so that the commander can be better heard in noisy environments, or less sensitive to reduce unintentional activations. Owners will be able to access this in the Google Home app's settings. 


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