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Xbox Series S Lockhart disc-less console confirmed by Microsoft?

Xbox Series S Lockhart disc-less console confirmed by Microsoft?
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Whoops. It looks like Microsoft has accidentally confirmed the existence of Project Lockhart. The rumoured all-digital version of the next-gen Xbox Series X appears to have been spotted in the company's latest technical documents. 

Eagle-eyed security researcher, TitleOS, claims to have uncovered a reference to "LockhartProfiling" in Microsoft's June 2020 Games Development Kit. This would appear to confirm that the company will release an affordable next-gen Xbox Series S alongside Project Anaconda, the full-fat, full-price Xbox Series X.

Adding to the mystery, the dev kit notes also refer to "Lockhard" rather than "Lockhart". Either Microsoft is using a different codename or, more than likely, it's a simple typo. 

According to the latest Xbox Series X leaks, the disc-less Lockhart model could go by the name Xbox Series S, and cost as little as $200

That budget price tag may come with with a few compromises, though. Whereas Project Anaconda is said to run games at 4K resolution, it's budget sibling, Lockhart, could be limited to 1080p resolution.

We'll find out the truth soon enough – Project Lockhart is due to be unveiled in July. 


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