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Sound+Image Sept-Oct 2020 out now: Soundbar supertest!

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EISA AWARDS 2020/21  
Sound+Image is a member of EISA, the Expert Imaging and Sound Association, so we get to vote for and then publish details of all EISA AV winners - the combined judgement of 51 magazines around the world.

custom installation: MOVING UP TO 4K
We visit a stunning home cinema in Western Australia that has already been expanded from a modest home build to a gold-class ‘Mi-Max Studio’ design. Now it gets a full 4K upgrade from Rogue Home Cinemas.

movie tech: VFX OR NO VFX?
Discover how directors are taking back control by filming in real time in front of massive LED wall screens. 

(Image credit: Future)

Once seen as a low-performance compromise, soundbars have risen to new and Atmos-enabled heights in their latest generations. But some are still touting the old tricks of virtualised surround. Choose wisely, and you can enjoy big sound to match today’s big screens. PLUS inside interview scoop from Meridian, Samsung & Sennheiser...

- Canton Smart Soundbar 10
- Samsung Q800T
- Sennheiser AMBEO SB01
- Sonos Arc
- Sony HT-G700
- Yamaha MusicCast 400

BenQ GS2 portable projector

Fancy a movie in your tent, or a binge on your bedroom wall? BenQ’s dinky and portable GS2 projector is ready to oblige. 

Bose Portable Smart Speaker
As the portable member of Bose’s Smart Home wireless multiroom family, the Portable Smart Speaker delivers trouble-free takeaway tunes. 

BlueAnt Burleigh portable Bluetooth Speaker
Shoulders ready, up she goes: BlueAnt’s big Burleigh Bluetooth speaker is ready to play...

audio-technica ATC-ANC300TW true wireless in-ear buds
Top-notch noise-cancelling and brilliant audio quality in a compact form factor.

NURA NuraLoop
Melbourne-based Nura brings its hearing-adaptive audio system to these looped earbuds.

DALI io-6 wireless NC headphones
The Danish speaker-maker found there was more to headphones than just shrinking speakers...

Sennheiser HD 450BT wireless NC headphones
Half the price of Sennheiser’s leading wireless noise-cancellers, so what compromises here?

Fiio M11 portable music player
The Fiio M11 is EISA’s portable music player of the year. Here’s why.Shoulders ready, up she goes: BlueAnt’s big Burleigh Bluetooth speaker is ready to play...

(Image credit: Future)


Sounds like a ‘duh’? Not at all. Plenty of people think they’re watching 4K when they’re stuck on something less. Here’s how to make 4K shine.

PLUS Our top Buying Guide recommendation for speakers & headphones

PLUS News, music & Blu-ray reviews, 10 classic concert movies, new blues releases , classic tracks and more...

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