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NEWS: Blockbuster movies coming to Xbox LIVE in high definition this spring

The death of HD DVD may have left Microsoft and some Xbox 360 owners licking their wounds, but all is not lost. Paramount Pictures has signed a deal with Microsoft to make its library of films available via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace video store.

All Xbox 360 owners connected to Xbox LIVE can now download to rent both high-definition and standard-definition films from Paramount.

Standard-definition films will cost from as little as 250 Microsoft points (£2), while high-def films will cost 380 points (£3.20).

Robin Burrowes, Xbox LIVE marketing manager UK, says: "We are really happy to be able to welcome Paramount to Xbox LIVE Marketplace in the UK. This announcement gives our Video Store customers in the UK an even greater choice of entertainment with a great level of HD movie quality."

Films coming to the Xbox video store this spring include:

  • Transformers (SD + HD)
  • Goodbye Bafana (SD + HD)
  • 1408 (SD + HD)
  • Disturbia (SD + HD)
  • Hot Rod (SD + HD)
  • A Mighty Heart (SD + HD)
  • Heartbreak Kid (SD + HD)
  • Stardust (SD + HD)
  • In to the Wild (SD + HD)
  • Intersection (SD)
  • Primal Fear (SD)
  • Clear and Present Danger (SD)
  • Naked Gun 2 1/2 (SD)
  • Naked Gun 33 1/3 (SD)
  • Top Secret! (SD)
  • Bug (SD)
  • Hardball (SD)
  • The Phantom (SD)
  • Orange County (SD)