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CES 2012: Sony's 2012 TV range revealed

We've managed to uncover more details of Sony’s 2012 TV range, with new top-of-the-range HX and affordable EX models in the pipeline.

Highlights include a new floating design, 3D compatability, quicker refresh rates and improved video processing, especially where 3D performance is concerned.

Sony’s also announced some interesting-looking new lightweight, titanium, active 3D glasses (TDG-BR750). Two pairs come free with the HX screens while individual pairs will set you back £100. The breakdown of new models is as follows:


Available in 40 (£1200), 46 (£1450), and 55in (£1800) screen sizes

Due May

3D 1080p Full HD

X-Reality PRO video processing

Motionflow XR800Hz

Dynamic Edge LED and Local Dimming

4x high-speed 3D panel

integrated wi-fi

Monolith design

Slimline Bunchin stand


Available in 32 (£700), 40 (£900), 46 (£1200), 55in (£1550) screen sizes

Due April

3D 1080p Full HD

X-Reality video processing

Motionflow XR400Hz

Dynamic Edge LED and Frame Dimming

3D 1080p Full HD

‘Easel’ stand


Available in 32 (£550), 40 (£700) and 46in (£950) screen sizes

Due April

X-Reality video processing


Full HD 1080p

‘Easel’ stand


Available in 22 (£350) and 26in (£425)

HD Ready

X-reality video processing

‘Easel’ stand


We’ll be updating UK pricing and specification as we get further information.

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