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The Best of the Week - 27/01/12

It's January 27th and this auspicious day marks the return of the Best of the Week – your essential guide to what's been happening on

We'll kick off the celebrations by paying homage to prolific composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Born today in Salzburg, Austria in 1756, Mozart composed over 600 works by the time of his death at just 35 – mind you, he did start when he was just five! – and remains one of the most influential classical composers of all time.

Turning 67 today is Pink Floyd's drummer and songwriter Nick Mason, who's been the only constant member of the band since it formed in 1965.

Or possibly since the 1920s, judging from the picture below.

Keeping with the psychedelic theme, let's go down the rabbit hole and have a mad tea party in honour of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, who was born today in 1832 in Cheshire. Without his stories of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, we'd never have learnt to be suspicious of free cakes and rabbits in waistcoats.

Or indeed 3D movies.

And just two years ago, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad tablet computer during a press conference in San Francisco. Heralded as 'magical and revolutionary', the iPad, and its successor iPad2, continues to dominate the tablet market to this day.

Speaking of iPads and tablets, if you haven't bought a copy of our February issue already, you can also download it digitally onto your choice of smart device, so you can read the magazine on the go, wherever you are.

Highlights this week on include:

- Apple announces record profits for 2011

- Pure Music's streaming service goes live in the UK

- Buy a pair of snazzy in-ear headphones and help raise money for charity

- And we begin our countdown to the 2012 Bristol Sound & Vision Show.

Meanwhile on the Forum, we now have over a whopping 124,000 members, more than 641,000 posts and over 71,000 topics.

This week we've been discussing headphones, digital music, and comparing the size of your music collections.

So why not join in? Click here to access the Forums or sign up, or click here to subscribe to the print magazine.

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