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The Best of the Week - 18/07/08

Wizard of Oz

It stayed in, and when the film premiered in August 1939 15,000 people queued up in New York, and 37,000 saw it in seven showings in one day in a single theatre.

22 years ago we saw the first footage of the wreck of RMS Titanic, and James Cameron probably had a bright idea, while in 1941 Martha Reeves - of 'and the Vandellas' fame - was born in Detroit.

Oh, and it's less than a week until the new issue of the magazine hits the shops - more on that next week.

Meanwhile back on, we've:

- Brought you exclusive reviews of Sony's STR-DG820 receiver, the Samsung PS50A556 50in plasma TV and Bowers and Wilkins' Jaguar XF sound system
- Told you about Arcam's replacement for its A70 amplifier
- Tuned in to Eurosport HD
- And tweaked the site, restoring the hi-fi blogs channel

Over on the Forums, we now have over 16,000 members, over 63,000 threads and almost 100,000 posts to keep you talking.

This week we've been debating AV receivers for music, whether or not we need the 80GB PlayStation 3 and the new Metallica album.

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