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HD Anywhere SlimWire HDMI (2m) review

Designed to fit where space is tight but it's a lightweight effort Tested at £30

Our Verdict

A perfectly serviceable cable, and does the job, but it’s no class-leader


  • Slim design, helps retain punch


  • Lacks dynamics, anaemic colour palette

Many HDMI cables are bulky and inflexible – annoying when space is tight round the back of your kit-rack.

The HD Anywhere SlimWire aims to get round that problem with its tiny terminals and skinny trunking.

Spinning the Blu-ray of Super 8 on our reference system, we found that the SlimWire did a reasonable job, helping our kit’s sound retain its punch.

Head to head with the Award-winning Audioquest Pearl, however, it lacks the dynamics to really shine, together with an anaemic colour palette and an insecure grasp of motion.

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