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Furutech Formula 2 review

A good way to upgrade your digital music set-up

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Best USB cable, Awards 2011. A cable to try if you’re getting serious about your digital music set-up


  • Delivers more punch and dynamics


  • Price

If you want to experiment with getting yet more performance from your USB DAC, try hooking it up with one of these Furutechs.

In our tests we found this well-built cable – connected to an Audiolab M-DAC – enabled our digital music system to deliver extra bass, insight and depth than more basic designs.

It even trumped Wireworld’s Ultraviolet 5 cable, our previous favourite.

At £55, it seems a luxury, but if you’re serious about digital sound, then you owe it to your ears to at least have a trial listen.

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