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Chord Company Prodac review

Following a change from metal to plastic plugs the Chord Prodac interconnect is even more of a class-leader than before Tested at £80.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

A plug upgrade has made this interconnect even more appealing


  • Sweet, smooth and precise sound


  • Nothing

We’ve long been fans of Chord’s Prodac coaxial digital interconnect.

The change comes down to a change of the RCA terminal to one that uses a (posh) plastic outer casing instead of metal.

It is said to damp down vibrations fed into the cable and reduce stray electrical currents.

And there’s no denying this seemingly insignificant change lifts the Prodac’s performance noticeably.

It’s sweeter, smoother and more precise than before without losing any of the excitement of the older version.

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