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Best Systems 2014

Product of the year

Best music system £400-£800

Cambridge Audio Minx Xi

"Cambridge has done a terrific job with the Minx Xi. It’s easy to use, well built and sounds great - you won't be disappointed."

Best buys

Best music system £1500+

Cyrus Lyric 09

"A strong style statement and an even stronger sonic performance makes the Lyric 09 a must-audition piece of kit. It’s a superb system."

Best music system up to £400

Denon D-M39DAB

"A system that manages to keep things simple and still knock your socks off is very special indeed."

Best music system £800-£1500

Naim UnitiQute 2

"Naim has delivered an authentic hi-fi streamer that provides a compelling argument for that upgrade you've been thinking about."

Best cinema system

Sony BDV-N5200W

"A well-featured package that delivers an exciting and convenient home cinema performance for a great price."