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Atlas Equator MkIII review

A recommended second-upgrade cable that we simply can’t fault

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Thanks to a welcome revamp, the Equator MkIII is a recommended second-upgrade cable that we simply can’t fault


  • Helps kit gain additional dynamics and detailing


  • What's to fault? Nothing

We've seen a few well-known analogue interconnects undergo a plug revamp recently in one form or another, and now it's the turn of Atlas' award winning Equator.

Now in its third incarnation, this Equator sports Integra plastic RCA plugs in place of its previous metal ones - otherwise the basic design is unchanged.

Using our reference Audiolab 8200 CD player and Roksan Caspian K2 amplifier, together with ATC's SCM11 standmounters, we gave the Equator Radiohead's trickily timed 15 Step to get its teeth into.

Working with the cable, our kit's performance gained additional dynamics and detailing within a spacious, well-timed and tonally neutral sound.

In short, there's nothing to dislike here, and if you want a fine second-upgrade interconnect, look no further than this Atlas.

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