Sonos Move vs Sonos Move 2: what are the differences?

Sonos is known for its hugely versatile ecosystem of products and has never been afraid of doing things its own way, only releasing its first Bluetooth speaker, the Move, as recently as 2019.

While most other brands look at portable-yet-rugged designs for their Bluetooth speakers, Sonos is once again sticking to its guns with a larger, bulkier design for its latest Bluetooth offering – the Move 2

With roughly four years between the first and second-generation Move speaker, what’s changed, and what improvements has Sonos made in the new model? Stick around for our thoughts, findings, and verdict on what separates the first and second generation of the Sonos Move speaker. 

Sonos Move vs Sonos Move 2: Price

Sonos Move vs Sonos Move 2

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The original Sonos Move retailed for £399 / $399 / AU$649 at the time of testing in 2019. It’s been four years since then and its price hasn’t changed until recently, where the price has dropped by £30 to £40 over on Amazon and other retailers.

The new Sonos Move 2 launched September 2023 and is retailing for £449 / $449 / AU$79, costing a little more than the original does at present but offering a few upgrades such as improved battery life and an additional tweeter.  

This figure is quite steep for a speaker designed for portable applications around the home. We were impressed with the Move 2, giving it a four-star review, however, it’s definitely worth noting that there are five-star portable Bluetooth speakers available for less. 

How much you’re willing to spend really depends on how portable you want your speaker to be and how much of a Sonos ecosystem you already own. 

** Winner: Sonos Move **

Sonos Move vs Sonos Move 2: design

Sonos Move vs Sonos Move 2

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Sonos is clearly not interested in jumping on the trend of creating a smaller portable Bluetooth speaker in the same vein as rival companies and is instead sticking with its bulkier, feature-packed design.

Overall, the design has not changed much at all between the original Move speaker and the Move 2. For a Bluetooth speaker billed as portable, it’s a hefty unit and definitely not something you’ll be taking out of the house. Instead, both models of Move speakers are designed to be moved around the home from room to room.

Internally, the Move 2 features an additional second tweeter alongside the woofer to produce stereo sound. This is one of the more audible changes from the original model, which only included a single tweeter. 

Both speakers are virtually identical in terms of dimensions, measuring roughly (hwd) 24.1 x 16 x 12.7cm and weighing 3kg each. Both models also feature a recessed back, to make moving the speaker with one hand quite a lot easier despite the unit’s size and weight.

The original Move came in two shades, Lunar White and Shadow Black, whereas the new Move 2 comes in Black, White, or Olive Green.

Both the original Move and the Move 2 are dust and water-resistant, rated at IP56. Ideal if you’re looking to take your speaker outside with some peace of mind.

** Winner: Sonos Move 2 **

Sonos Move vs Sonos Move 2: features

Sonos Move vs Sonos Move 2

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Sonos’s second-generation Move speaker features a few additions and improvements over the original model. One of the biggest is the inclusion of a more powerful battery that will last for roughly 24 hours of playback time, over twice that of the original Move which only provides around 10 hours of playback. 

Other improvements seen in the Move 2 include updated touch controls on top of the unit which are more in line with Sonos’s new Era speakers, including the volume slider that works responsively. There’s also an upgraded wireless charging base with a detachable and more compact adapter, which is backward compatible with the original Move, too.

Both models of the Move speaker make use of the well-organised Sonos App for a straightforward streaming experience. Via the app, you can connect all of your favourite music streaming services, discover new music on Sonos Radio, and customise settings and controls.

One difference between models is the voice assistants supported. The original Move speaker supported both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, whereas the new Move 2 features Amazon Alexa and its own Sonos Voice Control

Both the original Move and the new Move 2 balance the co-existence of wi-fi and Bluetooth to unify the speaker with the rest of your Sonos ecosystem. Both models also support AirPlay, while the Bluetooth pairing process is more refined through the new Move 2.

Both speakers offer the automatic Trueplay feature, which analyses your surroundings and adapts the speaker’s sound accordingly as soon as audio starts playing. This feature was previously limited to iOS devices, however, it can now also be accessed by Android users via the Sonos app. 

The USB-C port on the Move 2 has also been upgraded, now allowing users to charge up smartphones or MP3 players, as well as the option to connect a turntable or other audio source using the Sonos Line-in adapter (which is sold separately and costs extra).

We found the process of using the Move 2 to be slick and user-friendly and found the Sonos app used to handle streaming services and general controls to be well-organised and easy to use across both models.

** Winner: Sonos Move 2 **

Sonos Move vs Sonos Move 2: sound

Portable speaker: Sonos Move 2

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Both the original Move and the Move 2 are capable of louder volumes than you might usually expect from a ‘portable Bluetooth speaker’, reaching levels suitable for garden parties and similar settings. 

Based on our time spent testing the Move 2 and comparing it directly against the original, it’s clear to us that the Move 2 performs with a greater degree of sophistication and provides better space and organisation to the sound. 

We previously described the original Move as sounding “weighty and full-bodied, with a tonality that’s nicely even-handed and not bereft of solid, deep bass”. While testing out bass-heavy hip-hop from Run The Jewels, we described the Move 2 as providing “more depth, grip and tautness to the bassline” and felt that it could “deliver the differences in texture and tone of their voices more convincingly than before”.

Songs sound much clearer through the Move 2, with a better sense of timing and dynamics, and we are able to hear more detail in the mix. We still think that the Move is a ‘beast of a speaker’ that makes volume its priority, but it starts to sound rather cluttered compared with the more spacious and cleaner Move 2 sound. The Move 2 is able to go just as loud while remaining composed, and is able to separate elements and project low-end with more control and precision, presenting an overall more pleasing and enjoyable listening experience.

** Winner: Sonos Move 2 **

Sonos Move vs Sonos Move 2: verdict

Sonos Move vs Sonos Move 2

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The Move 2 is definitely an improvement over the first generation, offering the same big sound with a whole host of new or improved features and specs. 

Both speakers are expensive options in the realm of portable Bluetooth speakers and almost sit in a separate ‘semi-portable’ niche. While there are cheaper options out there that offer more nuanced, textured, and dynamically expressive sound, if you’re looking to add to your existing Sonos ecosystem with the bonus convenience of portability, then either speaker could be a great option. If you already have an original Move, we wouldn’t jump to buy the new model – unless it came down in price for a decent discount.

Right now, you can get your hands on the original Move for around £100 less than the new Move 2. If you do have your heart set on it, though, it’s worth considering spending that bit more for the improved battery life, additional tweeter, improved controls, and overall improved sound performance offered by the Sonos Move 2.


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