Should you buy a 4K Hisense TV on Black Friday?

Should you buy a 4K Hisense TV on Black Friday?

If you’re familiar with Black Friday, you may well have decided to sensibly wait for its arrival on Friday 23rd November before buying a new TV - after all, the event has thrown up some good TV deals in the past. (In fact, based on previous years the deals are sure to start at least a week before then.)

If that sounds like you and you’re after a more affordable option than those delivered by the Big Players (LG, Sony, Samsung, Philips and Panasonic), you may want to check out Hisense, which we’d put in the next TV tier down alongside, the likes of Toshiba and Finlux. 

If you hadn’t heard of the TV brand at the start of the year, you may well do now - it was an official sponsor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The Chinese government-owned company may not have the ubiquity or reputation of its peers, but it takes up a fair amount of real estate on Amazon, and is often a go-to for attractively priced 4K TVs, regardless of any special deals.

So with the brand making a big play for the UK market, and with Hisense Black Friday deals already confirmed, are Hisense TVs worth buying?

Yes, if you’re looking for a 4K bargain

Those on a limited budget looking for a 4K TV bargain should consider it - as long as expectations are managed. You probably shouldn’t expect the same picture and usability sophistication of (albeit probably pricier) LG, Sony, Samsung or Panasonic TVs.

In our experience, Hisense has scored pretty averagely, with the last set we reviewed, the 2017 Hisense H50N6800, excellent on paper (it’s 4K, HDR and features the company’s ULED screen technology) but less so in practice. It lacked a little contrast subtlety and dark detail, diluting the desirability of its £750 price tag. We did, however, praise their natural colour palette and reasonable amount of detail. Previously, the 55in Hisense 55K321 and 65in Hisense 65XT910 4K TVs also scored three stars.

…or a small TV

We’d have very few reservations about one of Hisense’s smaller, (even) cheaper TVs. Again, in our experience the entry-level models – such as the sub-£200 32in HD-ready 32M2600 – have proved better value than the 4K TVs. So if there’s a small-screen steal (which would probably mean something in the realm of £150-250), we’d snap it up.

What about the Hisense Black Friday 4K TV deals?

As for the 2018 Hisense TVs... well, we haven't seen any yet, which makes assessing the 4K TVs that are on offer on Black Friday, something of a difficult proposition. 

The Hisense TVs set to be on sale this Black Friday are the AE6100 and A6600. There are 43in, 50in, 65in and 75in TV models in the range, and while we don't know the exact Black Friday prices, it looks like they'll be seriously competitive for 4K HDR TVs of those size. The TVs are built on the Vidaa smart TV platform, offering Amazon Prime, Netflix and YouTube, and feature two HDMI inputs compatible with 4K/60fps. So they're not short on the necessary tech or features.

Our verdict

A hefty Black Friday discount would mean a Hisense TV makes a lot of sense. With 4K Hisense TVs pretty cheap already, any considerable  discount could have you picking one up for as little as a few hundred quid - not many TV brands are reaching those prices, that’s for sure. 

We'll be rounding up the best of the Black Friday deals on What Hi-Fi? to help you make that final buying decision but if you're in the market for a new TV, don't rule out a Hisense bargain...


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