Our Verdict 
Not a bad effort from Roberts, but the same money can buy you better sound
Solidly made, logical menus, pause/rewind functions
Poor sound, whichever tone setting you choose, oddball looks
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Despite its slightly oddball styling – it's another one of those Roberts Radios that looks a bit too much like a prop from UFO or Space: 1999 - the Gemini 55 gets most things right.

It works off batteries or the mains, and offers plenty of flexibility: USB input, SD card reader, and mini-jack in and out. It's well made and has big, logical menus, along with pause/rewind functions to let you listen back to something you half-heard.

But its sound lets it down. It has two ‘tone' settings: ‘news' (pretty much just midrange) and ‘music' (everything bar midrange). We prefer the ‘news' setting for all types of listening, but your money can buy better fidelity than this.

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