£ 400

Great value if you're not fussed about 3D

£ 1000

Awards 2012 Product of the Year - TVs

£ 1450

Samsung continues to impress with excellent Blu-ray picture quality and smart content

£ 750

Gets plenty right, but faces tough competition

£ 550

Flaky backlighting and unexciting picture – not Toshiba’s finest

£ 1700

LG's passive 3D big-screen set offers superb value for money

£ 400

If space is tight, this Sony could be a perfect fit, but it's pricey

£ 900

A good effort with great images, but direct rivals do perform better

£ 750

Not a pack leader, but worthy of being on your shortlist

£ 3000

As smart as smart TV gets; delivers clean, sharp pictures but sound is average