Music servers/clients


£ 4750

Other music servers can rival the Control 15's sound quality, but nothing, at any price, gets close to its extraordinary usability

£ 1600

Cyrus's first music streamer works wonders with digital music collections

£ 130

The dinky LG ST600 streamer box is a media Tardis

£ 650

The Rotel RT-09 network music client is a stylish jack of all trades

£ 1429

The Yamaha NP-S2000 is a no-frills music streaming/internet client that needs a high-end system to do it justice

£ 180

The lack of on-demand stuff severely limits the usefulness of this LaCie device, although it's still a perfectly good streamer

£ 120

Sony's first stab at the music server market is a worthy contender to go head-to-head with Apple's TV

£ 150

If you know your stuff, the Boxee may be for you – but this is no device for novices

£ 100

It's convenient enough, but for what you get in terms of quality, we think the WireFree's expensive for what it offers

£ 110

Despite the all-powerful Apple TV being in the same price bracket, Asus's O!Play HD2 streamer is a perfectly good device with options for a hard drive