Blu-ray players


£ 2449

Until 3D-ready Blu-ray players hit the UK, this incredible player is as good as it gets at this lofty price-point

£ 250

We think LG's really been getting into its stride of late, and this sparkling Blu-ray player does nothing to dispel that theory

£ 180

If this Sony seems familiar, that's because it's identical to its twin, the 'S360. Which means it's an excellent player

£ 200

A solid Blu-ray player, but you can get better for your money

£ 400

Once again Denon has produced a thoroughly solid and dependable piece of AV kit, but we think there's better out there for the money

£ 240

Sony fills a very small gap in its Blu-ray player range with the introduction of the '560, and it's another solid build

£ 600

There's no doubt that the Denon is a highly capable machine. It's just that some rivals offer better value

£ 330

The Sony BDP-S760 is a remarkable achievement, delivering peerless performance at a more-than-reasonable price

£ 449

An impressive universal Blu-ray player - but this European version will now not be released to retail

£ 169

The Philips BDP-3000 Blu-ray player has a decent picture and lively sound – all at a tantalisingly affordable price